You asked: What are the errors of magnetic compass?

What are compass errors?

Definition of compass error

: the difference between compass heading and true heading expressed as the algebraic sum of variation and deviation.

What causes magnetic compass turning errors?

Turning error

Because the Earth’s magnetic fields (or flux) leave the planet at the magnetic North Pole and enter at the magnetic South Pole, the compass is drawn down toward the surface. … If turning to or from a northerly heading, the compass will lag the turn.

Which errors are due to magnetic dip?


Magnetic Dip causes a compass to produce erroneous readings while making turns. The further North (or South) a compass goes, the more pronounced these errors will become. Northerly Turning Errors are mitigated through the use of the acronym UNOS.

What is individual compass Error?

The amount by which the magnetic compass direction differs from the true direction, the sum of variation and deviation. It is named east or west according to whether the compass points to the right or left of the true direction. Compass error with westerly (above) and easterly (below) deviation.

What causes compass deviation?

Deviation is caused by the effect of magnetic fields generated on board the vessel (such as the engine block), whereas variation is generated regionally by local effects (for example large areas of granite in the earth’s surface).

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Why is compass Error important?

The compass error should be checked each watch and on every new course to measure the error of the gyrocompass, which is the angle the gyro north makes with the True north to establish trends in deviation on different courses at varying latitudes.

What are the errors of gyro compass?

The errors to which a gyrocompass is subject are speed error, latitude error, ballistic deflection error, ballistic damping error, quadrantal error, and gimballing error. Additional errors may be introduced by a malfunction or incorrect alignment with the centerline of the vessel.

What are the two parts of magnetic compass error?

Magnetic Dip. Oscillation. Northerly Turning Error (part of magnetic dip) Acceleration/Deceleration Errors (part of magnetic dip)

Where are magnetic dip errors greatest?

As an aircraft flies closer to either pole the dipping error becomes more prevalent to the point that the compass can become unreliable because its pivot point has surpassed its 18 degrees of tilt. Magnetic dip is caused by the downward pull of the magnetic poles and is greatest near the poles themselves.