Frequent question: Can you force two magnets together?

What happens if you force magnets together?

When two magnets are brought together, the opposite poles will attract one another, but the like poles will repel one another. This is similar to electric charges. Like charges repel, and unlike charges attract. Since a free hanging magnet will always face north, magnets have long been used for finding direction.

What is the force rule for two magnets?

A Magnet’s Repelling Force

Opposites attract. To explain why magnets repel each other, a north end of a magnetic will be attracted to the south of another magnetic. The north and north ends of two magnets as well as the south and south ends of two magnets will repel one another.

Will forcing two magnets together along repelling poles weaken the magnets after a while?

6 Answers. If we keep two magnets with same poles together, then they’ll become weaker overtime.

Does combining magnets increase strength?

As more magnets are stacked together, the strength will increase until the length of the stack is equal to the diameter. After this point, any further magnets added will provide a negligible increase in performance.

Does stacking magnets increase pull?

Yes, as long as they are appropriately aligned. Stacking identical magnets will act similar to a single magnet of the combined size. However, the increase in magnetic pull strength will be multiplied by less than the number of stacked magnets.

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Can you force magnets to touch?

The force depends on the distance between the magnets. The farther apart the magnets are, the weaker the force. When the magnets are touching one another, at distance = 0, the force will be approximately equal to the magnet’s listed Pull Force, Case 1.

Why do magnets push apart?

In other words, if you hold two magnets together so that like-poles are close together (two norths OR two souths), they repel. … When two like-poles point together, the arrows from the two magnets point in OPPOSITE directions and the field lines cannot join up. So the magnets will push apart (repel).

Where is the magnetic force the strongest?

It is strongest at the poles. So, what are magnetic poles? Magnetic poles are opposite ends of a magnet where the magnetic field is strongest.