What is the condition of an electromagnetic induction?

Answer: Electromagnetic Induction is a current generated due to a changing magnetic field due to the creation of voltage. The condition for an Electromagnetic Induction. … In the magnetic field, when a magnet is shifted inward and outward, there is a change in magnetic frequency because of that current is produced.

What is the condition of an electromagnetic induction Brainly?

there must be a relative motion between the coil of wire and a magnet 1 point.

What is the condition of an electromagnetic induction there must be a relative motion between the coil of wire and galvanometer?

Relative motion between the galvanometer and the magnet will not have any effect on the magnetic flux through the coil and there will be no induced current.

What is the condition of an Electromagnetic Induction Mcq Class 10?

[1] There should be relative motion between the coil of wire & magnet. [2] When a magnet is moved inward and outward in magnetic field & change in magnetic frequency occur due to which current is induced.

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What is Electromagnetic Induction class 10?

The production of Electricity from Magnetism is called Electromagnetic Induction. We can produce current by. Moving conducting Wire inside a Fixed Magnetic Field. (Hence, if we keep a conducting wire near the magnetic field of magnet and move it vigorously, current will be induced in it.) or.

Is relative motion is absolute condition for induced emf?

When the coil C2 is held fixed and C1 is moved, the same effects are observed. Again, it is the relative motion between the coils that induces the electric current. Faraday showed that this relative motion is not an absolute requirement.

What is electromagnetic induction the process of charging a body?

the process of charging a body. the process of generating magnetic field due to a current passing through a coil. producing induced current in a coil due to relative motion between a magnet and the coil.

Which of the following statement is not correct about the magnetic field?

Outside the magnet, magnetic field lines go from south to north pole of the magnet is not the correct statement regarding magnetic field. Explanation: The two magnetic field lines never intersect each other.

What is electromagnetic induction 1 point?

Electromagnetic or magnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force across an electrical conductor in a changing magnetic field. … Electromagnetic induction has found many applications, including electrical components such as inductors and transformers, and devices such as electric motors and generators.

What three things are necessary for electromagnetic induction?

Electromagnetic induction is when a voltage is created by passing a conductor through a magnetic field.

The size of the voltage can be varied by three factors:

  • The size of the magnetic field. …
  • The active length of the conductor. …
  • The speed at which the conductor passes through the field.
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