What are the applications of electromagnetic field?

Electromagnetism serves as a basic principle of working for many of the home appliances in household applications. These applications include lighting, kitchen appliances, air conditioning systems, etc. The most dominant use of power in homes as well as commercial buildings is lighting systems.

What are the applications of electromagnets cite at least three?

10 Uses of Electromagnets

  • Generators, motors, and transformers.
  • Electric buzzers and bells.
  • Headphones and loudspeakers.
  • Relays and valves.
  • Data storage devices like VCRs, tape recorders, hard discs, etc.
  • Induction cooker.
  • Magnetic locks.
  • MRI machines.

How are electromagnets used in everyday applications?

Electromagnets are found in doorbells, hard drives, speakers, MagLev trains, anti-shoplifting systems, MRI machines, microphones, home security systems, VCRs, tape decks, motors, and many other everyday objects.

What is the application of electromagnetic waves in health?

Three main EMF applications in medicine are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiofrequency ablation (RFA) used in cardiology and tumour therapy, and localized dielectric heating (short wave diathermy) used in physiotherapy.

What is an electromagnet give two applications of electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a kind of magnet in which magnetic field is produced by passing current…. Its two uses are as follow:- i)It is used to make DC mortor. ii)It is used for making electric bell…

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How are electromagnets useful for doctors?

Doctors use electromagnetic device for treatment of swelling and pain in the joints. … Electromagnets are also used for treating knee pain by using pulsing electromagnetic field (PEMF) by reducing swelling and knee pain in many chronic diseases.

What are the application of electromagnet Class 10?

The electromagnets are used in the manufacture of electric bells. Electromagnets are used in Headphones and loudspeakers. The electromagnets are an important part of the data storage devices such as VCRs, tape recorders, hard discs, etc…