How does electromagnetic force work?

The electromagnetic force, also called the Lorentz force, acts between charged particles, like negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Opposite charges attract one another, while like charges repel. … The particles create a magnetic field around them as they move.

How does it work electromagnetic force?

When a conductor is placed in a magnetic field and current flows in the conductor, the magnetic field and the current interact each other to produce force. The force is called “Electromagnetic force”. The fleming’s left hand rule determines the direction of the current, the magnetic force and the flux.

What causes the electromagnetic force?

The electromagnetic force is caused by the exchange of photons (effectively ‘particles’ of light) and the chance of photons being emitted or absorbed is related to the charge on an object.

What is an example of electromagnetic force?

All of the light from the Sun and other sources consists of photons which are the electromagnetic force carriers. Magnets and the Earth’s magnetic field, which protects us from harmful radiation, are aspects of the electromagnetic force.

How is friction electromagnetic force?

Friction is the resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another. It is not a fundamental force, like gravity or electromagnetism. Instead, scientists believe it is the result of the electromagnetic attraction between charged particles in two touching surfaces.

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How do photons carry electromagnetic force?

The particles that carry that force, called photons, act like love notes. They draw the protons and electrons together. When two electrons, which both have a negative charge, communicate through electromagnetism, the photons act more like hate mail. They push the electrons apart.

What is electromagnetic force in simple words?

What is Electromagnetic Force? The electromagnetic force is a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles. It acts between charged particles and is the combination of all magnetic and electrical forces. The electromagnetic force can be attractive or repulsive.

What best describes the electromagnetic force?

Which best describes the electromagnetic force? … It is stronger than the weak nuclear force, with a smaller range than the strong nuclear force. NOT It is stronger than the weak nuclear force, with a smaller range than the strong nuclear force.

What is the difference between electromagnetic force and electromotive force?

The force felt on electrons in a loop of wire when near a changing magnetic field. The electromagnetic force is very closely related to the electromotive force, which is what causes electric current to flow.

What does frictional force produce?

General Science

For instance, when two objects rub together, friction causes some of the energy of motion to be converted into heat. This is why rubbing two sticks together will eventually produce a fire. Friction is also responsible for the wear and tear on bike gears and other mechanical parts.

Is a force caused by air that slows objects down?

Friction is a force that opposes the motion of objects; friction can cause objects to slow down. … Air resistance causes moving objects to slow down.

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