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NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE Training Centre: ISO 9001 certified by AFAQ AFNOR Certification


 "Be trained in anticorrosion with confidence"

Today’s companies must constantly evolve, coating technologies are becoming more efficient and professions increasingly specialized… Due to all these factors, training has become an essential issue.
NOF Metal Coatings Group, global leader in zinc flake anticorrosion technology and owner of the worldwide reference GEOMET®, provides training sessions in corrosion protection for manufacturers from all over the world.

Since the creation of the Training Centre in 2010, over 250 training days for more than 600 people have already been organized at the headquarters of NOF Metal Coatings Europe in Creil (Oise), close to Paris. The participants came from renowned companies such as Volkswagen, PSA Group, Renault and BMW.

A new sign of recognition for the Training Centre: being ISO 9001 certified by the AFAQ AFNOR certification body

The professionalism of NOF Metal Coatings Europe’s trainings is officially recognized: A2C has just certified its Training Centre according to the ISO 9001 standard from June 2017 applied to providers of continuous vocational trainings for « design, organization and implementation of technical trainings ».

This certification reflects the very positive feedbacks of NOF Metal Coatings Europe’s customers regarding the variety of trainings (corrosion mechanisms, protection based on zinc-flake technology, quality inspection, tribology…), and emphasizes the expertise and deep knowledge of its engineers and technicians. Isabelle Perche, Head of Quality and Training Centre, comments: « Being ISO 9001 certified is part of our continuous improvement approach. It manifests our company’s commitment to satisfy our customers by having our skills and pedagogical know-how professionally recognized».

The trainings are aimed at a wide range of companies needing performing anticorrosion solutions. Licensed customers who apply chemical compounds or partners (part manufacturers, distributors, automotive / heavy trucks or wind turbines manufacturers) already came in great numbers. A skilledteam shares its experience, expertize and best practices in very well equipped laboratories and workshops, which enables participants to put into practice what they have just learned.

Tailor-made trainings

NOF Metal Coatings Europe also organizes seminars regarding targeted topics, such as the new GEOMET® Process Quality Audit handbook and the CQI12. These seminars have been organized for all the licensed applicators using the GEOMET® trademark in several countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain…).

The professional profiles of the attendees are very different (corrosion experts, technicians applying coatings, application process engineers, sales representatives …). The trainings give them the opportunity to learn more about the variety of activities of NOF Metal Coatings Europe and to meet people from different divisions inside the headquarters. Trainings can also be adapted to the specific needs of the attending companies. Small groups contribute to a positive learning atmosphere.

The Training Centre is at the heart of the company’s digital transformation. One of its goals is to organize e-learning sessions about zinc flake anticorrosion technology for its Licensees network and customers thanks to digital teaching reference tools.

For more information about the trainings and upcoming sessions, please contact the Training Centre:
Tel: +33 (0)3 44 64 63 55


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