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China Wind Power Exhibition


NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP has taken part in the CHINA WIND POWER 2012 Exhibition, held in Beijing from 15 to 17 of November 2012

Experts from the Wind Turbine Industry with manufacturing operations in China as well as visitors from the Asia Pacific region and many local engineering companies and providers visited to NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP‘s booth for expert discussions with the staff.

On our booth, many visitors were able to discover the great variety of large bolts and big metallic parts treated with our GEOMET®, GEOBLACK® coatings and also with our PLUS® topcoats.

Under the theme "Innovation links us together”, the high performance water-based coating GEOMET® proved to be the center of interest for most of our visitors coming from the wind industry or from some Chinese universities. We have also presented our other product ranges like our black system GEOBLACK®.

As visitors requests are very varied, we have to be able to provide them with adapted solutions. For instance, an entire display case was dedicated to our coatings solutions for offshore since our GEOMET® coatings passed the ISO-20340 certification for offshore wind turbines.

Outdoor weathering tests have shown a corrosion resistance performance that matches the current expectations for large bolts used in the wind turbine industry.

With more than 65.000 MW cumulative capacity installed, China remains the world leader for the Wind Turbine Industry. The largest Chinese OEM’s like SINOVEL, GOLDWIND, UNITED POWER and MINYANG DONGFANG are all among the world’s top-10 wind turbines manufacturers.

Land and also sea-based wind farms are now booming in China, South Korea, Philippines and other Asian countries. Thanks to its global organization, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP is able to accompany these changes by bringing its expertise in the thin layer anticorrosion field.

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