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OSEA-2018 at Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)


OSEA-2018 at Marina Bay Sands(Singapore) November 27th – 29th

At OSEA 2018, the largest event of Oil & Gas in Asia, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP introduced some application cases of GEOMET® for Wind Power Mills at the booth of our Licensee Chin Yuan Metal Pte Ltd.

Our Licensee Chin Yuan Metal Pte Ltd is a manufacturer of structural boltings including Oil & Gas structural steelworks.
We are pleased to inform, the demand of GEOMET(r) is increasing in Oil and Gas Industry year by year.
Comparing to previous years, many inquiries received from parts
manufacturers and job workers as well.

Thank you for visiting us at Exhibition.
We shall continue GEOMET(r) marketing activities future as well.